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5 1/2" - Hammer ST or Scatter ST (Rnd. Lip)
Tried & true action with a steady wobble and roll.  When trolled, this bait can reach depths of up to 20+' at speeds over 5 mph!  

The Scatter hunts/walks and runs shallower
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6" - Hammer JT or Scatter JT (Rnd. Lip)
Same body as the straight model but slightly longer due to the joint.  Erratic wobble with random kick outs.  Reaching depths of up to 15+'.  Trolls 5+ mph. 

The Scatter runs shallower with a tighter vibration.
7 1/2" - Bero Sledge ST or  Scatter ST (Rnd. Lip)                                                                
This bait trolls more like a 9"...A wide wobble and roll yet able to reach depths of up to 25+'!  Tried and true and will troll as fast as you want to troll.  

​The Scatter hunts/walks and runs shallower.
Lure Running Depths and Specs: 
These numbers are not exact. They are pretty close estimates from my experiences giving you a pretty good idea of running depths trolled @ 4.5 to 5 mph, with 80 lb. Power Pro braided line.  

Contact Fec's HAMMER Lures:
If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please feel free to email or call by
telephone.  If placing an email order, please be very specific with what you want including belly 
color of the pattern you desire. 

Email:  mostly_muskie@yahoo.com

Phone:  724-758-3358

Mailing Address:  2596 Old Chewton Rd., Wampum, PA 16157
More About The Lures:
Every Hammer Lure is made from a 3 part epoxy resin material. This material is very durable and buoyant. Unlike wood, resin lures will never water log or lose their buoyancy. Each lure is hand poured into custom made molds to ensure consistency in shape and weight. Stainless steel screw eye hook hangers are 1 ½” long and .092 mm heavy. Screw eyes hold much tighter in resin than in any wood. Every screw eye is cushioned by a #6 stainless washer which prevents body wear and gives the bait a nice finished look. Rear split rings are #6 stainless rated at 250lbs. The hooks on the 5 ½” and 6” models are 5/0 VMC 9617 BR 2X strong trebles. The hooks on the larger Bero Sledge Hammer and Mustad 3551 8/0 belly hook and 7/0 tail hook. We strongly recommend T-ing all belly hooks to prevent hook rashing. Each lure is hand airbrush painted and finished off with 2 heavy applications of clear epoxy coating. The patterns and artistry speak for themselves. 
Care of Your HAMMERS:
To properly care for your Hammer lures, we recommend that you always store them in a cool dry shaded area. Any lure could potentially deteriorate or bubble if stored in direct sunlight inside of a tackle box or not.  

All lures are pond tested, however may require some slight tuning when being trolled. If the lure is running left or right, simply turn the lead eye screw slightly the opposite way the lure is running with a pair of needle nose pliers. You may also slightly bend the lead eye screw the opposite way for the same effect.  

I personally do not like to use split rings on the belly of lures due to the extreme hook rash that split rings will cause. You will notice that Hammer Lures have very little to no hook rash which extends the life and look of the lures. However, we still strongly recommend T-ing all belly hooks to ensure virtually NO hook rash whatsoever.  Some prefer to apply their own split rings to all hook hangers.  However, Hammer Lures will not be responsible for any lures with excessive amounts of hook rash due to applying your own split rings or not T-ing the belly hooks.  

Jointed Hammer Video
NEW Lil Hammer Scatter Video
Ordering:  If you'd like to place an order, you may do so via email or telephone.  To email, please hit the blue "Contact Us" button on the various pages of this site.  Be specific with what lures you would like and colors including belly color.  Please note that the prices above do not include shipping charges which will depend on the size of your order based on USPS pricing.  Pick-Ups are also certainly welcome to alleviate that cost.  At this time, we ONLY accept personal checks or money order which will be requested when your lure order is ready to be shipped out.  *Any Custom colors or pattern alterations may be subject to additional charges.

4 1/2" - Lil' Hammer or Scatter (Rnd. Lip)
The Lil' Hammer is a bait with attitude.  It is a walker/wonderer with un predictable "kick".
Scatter:  Erratic side to side, hunting, walking action. Shallow running,  round lip version.
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