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About The Manufacturer
I am Paul Fec from Ellwood City, PA.  Art teacher by trade,  avid fisherman, outdoorsman and family man.  Among the various species of fish I have fished for in my life, my favorite is the Muskie.  I have been chasing muskies since I was 18 years old and was an exclusive caster.  I have evolved into more of a troller today, even though I still love to cast.  I believe to be versatile is the key to success, so I keep all options and techniques open according to conditions and bodies of water I fish.  

Now 44 years old and 25+ years later, I have decided to contribute to what I have been so passionate about for so long.  My experiences have given me the ability to know exactly what it takes to make a productive, quality fishing lure for today's market.  As a creative minded person, I have often had aspirations of designing my own lures which meet my own personal specifications.  And for me, theres nothing like the feeling of catching fish on something I have created with my hands and imagination.  I believe innovation, progressiveness and artistic talent are among my strong suits and I have used these attributes to create Hammer Lures.  I pride myself on making products that are unique and different from whatever else is out there on the current market.  All of my patterns and color schemes are also unique  and reflect my own personal airbrush painting style. 

 I pride myself in offering something unique and different yet very effective to my consumers.
Berislav "Bero" Fec
Some may have wondered what the "Bero" means in Bero Sledge.  Bero was my late father whom I dedicate the lure and this entire venture to.  He is the guy responsible for my fishing addiction, creativity and who I am today.  I thank him everyday for his creation and I miss my best fishing partner dearly.
Notice to Interested Consumers:
Don’t be fooled by the appealing paintwork and smooth as glass finish. These baits were not intended to be show pieces, but rather designed for catching fish and last through many catches and memories. In the short time of the Hammer’s existence, it has proven to be a solid fish catcher and tough lure. In just one summer, multiple 50” fish have been caught on Hammers and hundreds of others recorded. One customer even landed over 40 fish on ONE lure.  Aside from muskies, Hammers have also recorded other varieties of species caught; Walleye, Sauger, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Striper Bass, Pike and even Lake Sturgeon!

Although tough and very durable, please note that Hammer Lures are not indestructible. However, I believe they are among the most durable and effective baits on the market today. Each lure will have consistent action, but every lure will have its own character and slightly different look, much like natural fish do. Keep in mind that each color scheme is hand painted and comes from memory & reflection. They will be very close, but unique in their own way.  

I am passionate about building and painting lures, and feel a connection with each and every bait I build. I know that may sound strange, but it is true. I am a perfectionist and if I’m not satisfied with a specific bait, how it looks or how it runs; it does not leave my shop.  The entire process of making Hammer Lures takes a considerable amount of time since I am a one man operation.  I make them as orders come in and do not carry a huge stock of baits. Turnaround time will depend on the amount of orders I have at the time of your order, quantity you order and the time of year (I like to fish too!). 

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